Tantric Massage

By Anna Lynn Sibal

People who only vaguely know of tantric massage often equate tantric massage with sexual massage. But while tantric massage can indeed be very sensual and does wake up the body’s sexual energies, sexual gratification is not the point of tantric massage.

The performance of tantric massage ideally has the following goals:

  • To awaken the Kundalini, which is a very powerful kind of energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine. When the Kundalini is awakened, it radiates upward along the spine and accelerates the body’s capacity to heal itself.

  • To activate the chakras of the body. The chakra literally means wheel or disc in Sanskrit and it is a center of energy in the body that is located on the spine. It is said that there are seven main chakras along the spine, going from the base of the spine to the neck and head.

  • To facilitate the body’s healing in the physical, emotional and spiritual sense. Because tantric massage activates the chakras of the body, the ability of the body to heal itself is enhanced. But it is not just the physical pain that the body feels that is healed in tantric massage; even the emotional scars that the person sustains in his or her lifetime are soothed and melted away. Tantric massage also opens a person to unity on a spiritual level with the world around him or her.

    The act of giving and receiving a tantric massage is a very intimate act, as it can leave the receiver in a very vulnerable state. Because of the trust and openness that tantric massage requires, it is very important that the giver of the massage is someone that the receiver absolutely trusts and is comfortable with. This is why tantric massage is often done between lovers to enhance the sexual experience.

    In performing tantric massage, there are five points that both the giver and the receiver should keep in mind. These points are the following:

    1. Tantric massage, just like any form of massage, has physical health benefits and the receiver can derive tremendous sensual pleasure from it. Both the giver and the receiver should remember that tantric massage uses pleasure to open the body to spiritual growth.

    2. The giver of the tantric massage should perform the massage freely without expecting anything in return. On the other hand, the receiver of the massage should open him/herself to the effects of tantric massage without the necessity of reciprocation.

    3. Sensual pleasure does not always equate to sexual pleasure. A session of tantric massage does not have to end up in actual sex.

    4. There is no limitation as to what part of the body can be touched and how it is to be touched in tantric massage, as the body’s sensual receptors are not limited to the genitals. The experience itself can be very liberating. The giver and the receiver, however, should agree on what is comfortable and what is not comfortable between them.

    5. Tantric massage utilizes specific massage and breathing techniques. It would be very useful to learn them.

    Both the giving and the receiving of tantric massage is a worthwhile experience. It leads to the path not only of pleasure but also of healing, self-awareness and harmony.

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