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Finding a Decent Massage Parlor

By Anna Lynn Sibal

Massage parlor Photo © Boris Djuranovic
It is a fact that for a good number of us, stress is a daily part of life. Most of the stress that a lot of us get is from the work that we need to do everyday. Stress can be bad for the health, and medical research has proven that stress is a contributing cause to many serious illnesses affecting people today.

One way to relieve ourselves of stress is by getting a massage treatment. Massage is a holistic therapy that has three main benefits. These benefits are enumerated below.

    1. Massage eases out tension and pain from the muscles. Stress can cause the muscles to bunch up and become tense, thus leading to varying degrees of pain. With massage, the muscles are loosened, thus easing away the tension and soothing the pain away.

    2. Massage improves blood circulation. The combination of heat, pressure and friction created by massage encourages the blood to circulate more efficiently. Blood carries nutrients to individual cells in the body as well as takes away the waste materials from each cell. When the body’s blood circulation is performing optimally, the body is renewed and repaired more easily.

    3. Massage enhances well-being. Sometimes, the touch of another person can do wonders to our personal comfort, security and peace of mind. Massage can bring that to us perfectly well.

Traditionally, we can get a decent massage treatment by stopping by a massage parlor. However, there are a lot of establishments with questionable character masking as massage parlors. True enough, one can get a massage from these places, but there is always something "extra" for a fee.

So, how can you find a decent massage parlor where you could get a real massage treatment?
The first thing you can do is to look them up in your local directories. You can use the yellow pages, or you can search for them on the Internet. Make a list of massage parlors that do not look or sound shady to you.

Once you have made your list of massage parlors, give them a call. Ask them what services they offer. Again, cross out the names on your list whose services seem fishy to you. If they have a website, it would be best for you to take a look at it as well. When you have found the massage parlor that gives real massage and whose services you like, make an appointment with them.

You need to do this research because it is better to be safe than to be sorry. It would save you from embarrassment in case you make a mistake. But the safest route you can go if you want to get a massage is to make an appointment with a day spa instead of a place that advertises itself as a massage parlor.

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