Massage For Dogs and Cats

By Anna Lynn Sibal

People who have come to enjoy massage and have it done to them on a regular basis know just how relaxing massage can be. Having your muscles manipulated so the stiff and bunched up spots are loosened up melts away almost all the pain and stress of a strenuous lifestyle.

Massage, as most people know, also have various health benefits: it improves circulation, boosts the immune system and speeds up the bodyís digestion rate. Other than that, massage makes the body more flexible and helps it develop better muscle tone, as well as evens out the bodyís breathing. And when the body is feeling this good physically, you can expect that emotionally it is feeling even better.

Massage is good for people; we all know that. But did you know that massage is good for our pets too?

Our pet dogs and cats are just like people, and they can benefit greatly from massage too. The health benefits that humans get from massage, dogs and cats can enjoy as well. Aside from the health goodies from massage that are listed above, there are studies that show that massage also alleviate pain in dogs and cats, and it prevents the onset of muscular and skeletal ailments that dogs and cats can be afflicted with, such as spinal problems and hip dysplasia.

On dogs, in particular, massage aids a lot in bonding between the human and the pet. It makes the pet more obedient, more confident and less anxious. In addition, massage helps a dog become more sociable to other dogs and other animals, and to other humans.

Pets enjoy massage as much as their humans do, but there are some pets that need massage more than others do. These pets are:

Elderly pets. Elderly pets cannot move as easily as they used to when they were still young. Regular massage slows down the slackening of their muscles and keeps these muscles toned. It also keeps them healthy and prevents them from gaining too much weight.

Puppies and kittens. Very young pets need all the assurance and encouragement that they can get from their humans at such an age. Massage helps them adjust more easily to their environment away from their mothers and makes them more obedient and receptive to training.

Injured pets. Just like with humans, massage can help pets that have experienced injuries and have undergone surgery to heal faster and be rehabilitated.

Dogs that are shy or were recently adopted. A shy or a newly-adopted dog needs to develop confidence and to adjust to his or her new home. Massage will give him or her the assurance and the love that is necessary to make him or her feel that the new house he or she is in is home.

Working pets. Working pets, just like working humans, undergo a lot of stress at work. They need to feel relaxed and to flush away the pain and the stress after a long day on the job.

Show-type pets. Pets that are always shown off at fairs or pet shows need to be in tiptop shape all the time. Regular massage enhances a show-type petís health and physique.

Before applying massage to your pet, however, make sure to check first with your vet if it is okay to give your pet massage. Also, massage should never be a substitute for proper diagnosis and treatment should your pet falls ill.

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