Massage Chairs

Choosing a massage that maximizes the health and wellness benefit can be a confusing task. Now there is a wealth of products available to supplement hands-on massage including mechanical foot massagers, water massage, reflexology kits, and personal handheld massage units. The most technologically advanced massage product available is the mechanical massage lounger. These products are the size of a regular recliner but offer pre programmed and user customized massage routines to provide daily massage for those in need of daily relief. However even the most technologically advanced massage chair is not going to replace the effectiveness of the human hand. These innovative products supply a wide range of benefits that you will learn about but there are certain things that cannot be duplicated, this is what makes personalized massage therapy by a licensed massage therapy a truly unique health and wellness experience.

Unique benefits of hands-on massage:

1. Human Interaction:
This benefit allows an outside opinion from a health and wellness professional to best target the solution for your ailment. When you have a back problem this often stems from a place other than the problem area. In effect the pain that you feel is often a symptom of a separate malady. Massage therapists are trained specialists who are educated in bodywork and can properly assess your discomfort and provide specific relief to both the problem and the symptom.

2. Varying styles:
Different back issues have different solutions. Speaking to a massage therapist about what you're trying to achieve or alleviate can lead them to offer a different type of therapy. Reiki massage, shiatsu massage, swedish massage and acupressure all may be preferred methods depending on your situation. A professional can advise you as to exercises and lifestyle changes that may best reverse the signs of an impending back problem.

3. Traction:
The human hand is able to make the most direct contact and is able to create what is called traction to the spine. While massage chairs are able to produce this as well, the human hand is able to produce a more effective pressure to specific areas in need of stretching.

Unique benefits of Massage Chairs

1. Daily massage routine:
Receiving a massage everyday optimizes the health effect of massage. The cumulative benefit of daily massage is going to increase the intended purpose of your massage immensely. While you can certainly visit a massage therapist on a daily basis it becomes very expensive. Mechanical massage chairs allow users to receive a cumulative benefit and have a massage available anytime everyday.

2. Customized massage:
With the modern technology that is used in today's massage chairs you are able to receive a custom tailored massage that can use a variety of styles to effectively focus it's massage. Body scanning is used to fit the massage to the user. Some top end massage chairs are programmed using massage therapists who massage dummies with sensors. These sensors track the movement of the human hand and that movement is replicated in the programming of the massage rollers.

While there is no replacement for the human hand, a massage chair may be a good choice to supplement your massage therapist and increase the overall effect of a health and wellness routine.

By Kevin Fleming and Massage-Chairs