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Happy Ending Massage

Receiving a good massage is such a relaxing, soothing experience. And if the masseuse / masseur is skilled, the result is so much better.

Sensual massage Massage can be stimulating or soothing depending on the speed and depth of the strokes.

A complete massage will be rejuvenating, relaxing, profound, deep, spiritual, blissful, erotic, and even orgasmic, as in a happy ending massage.

Should a massage have a happy ending?
Well, if it ends on a happy note, then the massage was indeed successful.

The most common meaning of happy ending massage refers to a sensual massage that includes all areas of the body including the genitals and it culminates with a truly pleasurable orgasmic release.

If you decide to go all the way, to have a happy ending massage, then, there are some things you can do that will enhance the experience ...

Happy ending massage 1. During the massage, try to focus on your breathing more than you normally would do.
Breathe in fully then totally relax on the out-breath - it is good idea to breathe out from the mouth. This way of breathing will help you open your emotional and energy channels in the body.

2. It is important to stay relaxed. Relaxing during a sexual massage allows the energy to move and flow freely in your body. This will enhance the entire body's feelings and sensations, which can lead to full body orgasms for both men and women.

Giving and receiving a sensual massage is a great way to build closeness and intimacy with your partner, to keep the fire of romance burning.

When you perform the massage on your partner, it is very important to be slow and sensual.
Start out with feathers or silk, then move on to using your oiled up and warmed up hands.

Take your time and really enjoy touching your lover - most men touch way too fast and use too much pressure. Remember to slow down!

Do massage all areas of the body and pay particular attention to relax the tense areas such as the back and neck.

Spend a lot of time touching, kissing and massaging the breasts and nipples.

Tease by touching the genitals and move away. Repeat this a few times and your partner's erotic energy will build up quickly.

From this point on, just keep going until the happy ending massage truly becomes happy...

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