Free Massage

By Joanne Elliott

Free massage
Free massage is actually far easier to find than you may first think. Although spas and beauty therapists often come with a price tag there are many other methods for finding free massages if you look hard enough.

So how do I get a free massage?

  • Free massage – Professional "not for profit"

Some professional organizations offer free massages or complimentary services for places of work, corporate events and entertainment venues. These are usually "not for profit" ventures and are often run and managed by volunteer beauty therapists amateur volunteers and massage professionals.

  • Free massage – Professional organizations, health spas and businesses

Other professional organizations offer free samples and open days to promote heath awareness and also to advertise their businesses. These free massage open days usually provide a platform for show casing their range of services, product ranges and specializations. Some free massage open days will include a complimentary one to one meeting where your own individual needs and requirements are established. If you are very lucky you may even get a free strategy consultation to give you personal guidance and advice. This could be on a ‘one off’ basis, for example if you were generally feeling a bit stressed then they could recommend the best course of action for you during the free massage session. Or better yet, it could even be advice for a more long term method of establishing what you should do within your daily lifestyle to ensure the maintenance of your complete well being.

  • Free massage – Professional organizations at schools and colleges

Free massages can also be enjoyed in affiliated schools and colleges where students are involved in open days. This not only benefits you and your body, but also helps to support the students as they learn to better their skills and experience levels by practicing on you.

  • Free massages – Libraries

You can get free massage DVDs and books from your local library. There are numerous publications in print that will help to guide you as you improve your massage technique and abilities in general. Library books are a great point of reference when you are trying new things in general as if you happen to choose a book that is not quite to your own personal taste it is still free. If you are not sure exactly what you are looking for then you can always ask the librarian for their advice.

  • Free massages – online content, tutorials and video training

Free massage lessons are widely available online. Information on free massages and massage advice could either be on specific websites - written in a step by step fashion – or in a more generalized overview. See an example of massage video demonstration