Foot Massage

By Anna Lynn Sibal

Foot massage The feet are the most abused and yet the most neglected parts of our bodies. Our feet support our weight when we are standing, which can be too much if one is overweight or has been standing still for a long time. Whenever we walk or run, the first to feel the shock of the contact between the ground and our bodies are our feet. We keep our feet confined in shoes and socks or stockings for most of the day. The ladies are prone to stressing out their feet more because of the ridiculous necessity of wearing high heels. No wonder our feet hurt so much at the end of the day!

This is why a good foot massage at the end of the day can be an exhilarating experience. Practitioners of reflexology and alternative medicine claim that the nerve endings on the foot correspond to a specific organ of the body, and so massaging certain areas of the foot is like massaging that particular organ to which it is linked. Whatever claims these practitioners of reflexology may have, the simple fact is that foot massage is so terrific that many who get them on a regular basis are ready to state that it is almost as good as getting a full body massage.

Giving a loved one a foot massage is certainly one of the best treats you can give him or her. The beauty of it is that it is so simple to do and there is very little cost involved. And yet, it is something that will definitely be appreciated afterwards, so much that you will have to gear yourself into giving more later on.

How can you give a foot massage? The first step to a good foot massage is creating the mood for it. A room that is clean, dimly lit, and where the air smells good is a great place to do that massage.

Make your partner bare his or feet and sit back on a reclining chair. Have your partner soak his or her feet in the basin of lukewarm water that you will provide. Make sure that the water is not too hot. If you have some essential oils, mix in a couple of drops with the water to make it nicer. Let your partner soak his or her feet for ten minutes, doing nothing but sitting there with his or her eyes closed.

After soaking, dry your partnerís feet one at a time. Then place a foot on your lap and just wrap your hands around the foot for a few minutes. This is to warm the foot and establish rapport between you and your partner. When you feel that your partnerís foot is warm enough, put a few drops of oil on your hands and rub them together. With your hands oiled and warm, rub the sole of the foot with your thumbs in a circular pattern, starting from the heel, up the arch and to the base of the toes.

Follow through the strokes of your thumb by making a fist of your hand and pressing the knuckles against the sole of your partnerís foot. Once again, start from the heel, up the arch and then to the base of the toes.

Do not forget to pay some attention to the toes of your partner. Carefully pull and tug at each toe. After doing this, lay the foot on your lap, plant your thumbs on its surface and then dig your fingers into the soles of the foot, going from heel to the base of the toe.

As a final touch, gently stroke the top of the foot with your fingertips and then dry the foot. Repeat the entire process with your partnerís other foot.

Your partner will certainly love the foot massage you will give him or her. Urge your partner to learn how to do it so he or she can treat you to a foot massage too.

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