Dog Massage

By Wendi Garcia

Dog Massage Benefits

Dogs get stressed too. This is a fact that most owners know but neglect anyway. Your pet can suffer all kinds of stress including separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorm, stress from surgery, temperamental problems, new environment, chronic pains, and so on. And stress can take a toll on its overall health.

This is where the role of dog massage comes in. Yes, massage, which used to be only for humans, is now being practiced to help alleviate your beloved petís stress as well. Do not be surprised because just like humans, dogs need to be pampered too and they also need to take a break from the daily stressors of life.

To convince you that this is something beneficial for your precious pooch, here are the top benefits of dog massage.

1. Calming and Soothing Effect

Dogs that get an occasional massage are less restless, aggressive, and hyperactive than their counterparts who have never been to a pet massage spa. In fact, after the therapy, you will notice a great improvement in your dogís behavior. Your pet would not bark and make noise as much as before because the massage has a soothing and calming effect on it.

2. Pain Reduction

Massage induces cells that release cytokines, which release pain-reducing endorphins in your dogís body. Your dogís aching muscles and sore joints will be alleviated. Overall, your pet will feel much better and happier. Like humans, when dogs are in pain, they tend to misbehave and have tantrums.

3. Improvement of Immune System

Cytokines, which as mentioned previously are triggered by gentle massage, can also bring down stress levels that weaken the immune system. Getting a massage once in a while can therefore boost your dogís immune system and make it more resistant to various kinds of health problems.

4. Improvement of Blood and Lymph Circulation

Massage also stimulates blood circulation that increases the amount of oxygen in the body. Aside from this, it also improves lymph circulation and aids in the flushing out of harmful toxins and waste within your dogís body.

5. Less Risks to Injuries

Since massage is effective in improving mobility, flexibility, and range of motion, it can make your pet less susceptible to injuries, which is very important if you have a physically active dog. Moreover, it can also help treat some kinds of injuries such as injured tissues or arthritis tissues.

6. Increase of Alertness

If you want to train your dog but it does not cooperate, try bringing it to the nearest pet massage center. You will probably scratch your head in puzzlement but the thing is, massage can increase focus, concentration, and alertness, which may be the missing elements why your dog is not able to carry on with the training.

Aside from the obvious important reason that involves your pet's physical health, you should also know that having your dog get a massage will include socialization for your pet as well as human and animal bonding. Not only that, dogs that are happy tend to live longer than those who are always tired and stressed out so if you want your pet to stay a longer time with you, bringing it for an occasional massage would be the right thing to do.