Beach Massage

By Joanne Elliott

Beach massage
Beach massage is the ultimate ideal way of relaxing in the sunshine to the soundtrack of the ocean lapping against the sand. Beach massages are available in a wide range of forms and can be found in many different locations across the world. Some beach massages are even available in special beach villa packages or even yacht packages if you are feeling like splashing out on a really special pampering excursion. You can often also choose to have your beach massage with a beauty therapist or even a sports masseur, depending upon the type of beach massage treatment that you prefer. Beach massages are available in different lengths of time as well, and you can often choose to extend the time length of time a treatment takes by paying a little bit more money for the privilege.

Beach massages are comforting and offer a level of relaxation rejuvenation that is both a soothing and refreshing experience. A balance of nature and science combined with the use of high end products and professional personal attention is an invigorating experience that you can enjoy in luxurious settings across the globe. A top quality beach massage will encompass a combination of techniques based entirely upon your own personal needs and preferences.

Beach Massage Benefits

The benefits of beach massage include the following:

  • Beach massages promote tanning
  • Beach massages aid the body’s flexibility and range of motion
  • Beach massages help you to relax and rejuvenate, helping to relieve stress
  • Some beach massages can help to manage pain and aid weight loss and muscle gain
  • Beach massages are proven to improve circulation and relieve tension in your body
  • It is even said that beach massages can help to improve your posture and even lower blood pressure
  • Beach massages help to transform the body and spirit in general, and come very highly recommended by all of those who have been lucky enough to experience one

Beach Massage Options

Beach massage is available in numerous different packages. The exact package and cost will depend very much on the individual service provided by the organisers or individual companies. Some great examples of ways to relax, pamper and indulge yourself on the beach are as follows:

  • Beach massage "head specific" massages
  • Beach massage "back specific" massages
  • Invigorating massages for those who are feeling a little tired and run down in general
  • Relaxing massage for those who are feeling pent up and stressed in general
  • Foot spas for those of you who have spent too long running around
  • Aromatherapy to aid the body in relaxing and being ‘at one’ with nature
  • Balancing stone massage for those with a more earthy view of the world
  • Reflexology and aromatherapy

In some cases a beach massage can include other pampering experiences, including detox, finger nail and pedicure treatments, and even facials.